About us

Close the Gap is a partnership initiative working in Scotland on women’s labour market participation. We undertake policy and advocacy work with employers, policymakers and unions to encourage and enable action to address causes of women’s inequality at work.

Occupational segregation is one of the causes of the gender pay gap, and a barrier which prevents women and men from fulfilling their potential in employment. Women and men's different experiences of skills acquisition and work reflect the traditional and often stereotypical assumptions about men's and women's roles in society. The Scottish Government recognises the need to address this, and has targeted one of its equality outcomes on improving women's position in employment and the economy.

Close the Gap developed the ‘Be What You Want’ campaign to highlight the issue of gender stereotyping and how this limits children and young people's aspirations and opportunity to be what they want to be. At this age young people are deciding what stream of subjects to concentrate on at school, and perceptions about work and gender are hardening into attitudes that will influence both subject choice and, later, career choice. The campaign also works directly with schools to support teaching professionals and careers advisers to challenge gender stereotyping from an early age, and support young people to make informed choices about subjects, courses, training and careers.

We hope you will find this website and our campaign materials useful. Please get in touch if you would like additional materials to be sent out to you.
About us