Choose your own path

This is our interactive matrix which can help you to think about some of the options available. Here you will find a range of industry areas and jobs, and the pathways to get to them.

Pathways into certain occupations aren’t always defined by your choice of subject; some will require specific qualifications or courses, work-based experience, internships, or on-the-job development. It’s a good idea to do some research into the different pathways into the subjects or jobs which you would like to do.

Comic strip stories

Find out how our six characters decided what they are going to do once they leave school.

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Real life case studies

Find out how about the paths our professionals; what they studied and what advice they can give you.

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Choose your own path

The blog

No Small Change required in education

This week saw the report of the Scottish Parliament Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee inquiry into the gender pay gap. The report No Small Change: The economic potential of closing the pay gap makes 45 recommendations, to Scottish Government, its agencies, and employers, that aim to tackle women’s inequality at work.

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