Leaving primary school

What will secondary school be like?

At secondary there are a number of different subjects and activities you will get to experience.

At secondary you’ll get to learn lots of different subjects, and try out lots of new activities.

You’ll probably be using computers and other technologies at school, learning a language for the first time, playing sport and getting fit, doing science experiments, working in groups, writing and reading and of course hanging out with friends.

You’ll start to learn a bit about the different types of jobs and courses you can do when you leave school, and what skills and subjects you might need for the course or job that’s right for you.

During S1 and S2 it’s important to start finding out what things you like doing at school and what things you like doing in your own time. This will help you to figure out what you’d like to be.

Here are the key subject areas you will start to do when going to secondary school.

Leaving primary school