Be What You Want

The Be What You Want campaign is designed to raise awareness of gender stereotyping and occupational segregation, and how it relates to the subject and career choices of Scotland's children and young people.

The campaign aims to ensure that children and young people aren't limited in their expectations. We want your child to make informed decisions about their future based on their passions, skills and talent, and not on gender stereotypes. We hope that this campaign will challenge the link between gender stereotyping and the types of jobs seen as ‘women’s work’ and ‘men’s work’, and enable all children and young people to be what they want to be.

The home environment is the ideal space to challenge gender stereotyping from an early age, and support young people to make informed decisions about courses, training and employment. This will help your child be what they want to be, which is great for them, but which will in turn have a long term economic and social benefit for Scotland as occupational segregation is reduced. This means a brighter future for all of Scotland's children and young people.

You can access our free resources, including our comic strips which can help you have career discussions with your children, on our Resources page.

Be What You Want