At secondary school

Now you're into the swing of secondary school you're probably starting to figure out what subjects you like, and which ones you're really good at. Here's a handy outline of the main subject areas to think about:

As well as the above you might also be doing Physical Education (PE), Accounting, Administration, Computing Studies, Business Studies, Home Economics, Social and Vocational Studies, Religious Education and Technological Studies. Some of these subjects are necessary to develop key skills and are linked to certain training courses and jobs.

Getting ready to choose your subjects

Before you choose your subjects it is important to get to know yourself, what you like and what you don’t like. And it is sometimes good to keep your options open in case you change your mind about what you want to do. Remember to think about:

Answering some of these questions will mean you are getting to know what you like and don’t like and what you are good at. This will help you choose what subjects you want to do when getting to S3 and S4 and maybe even help you decide what you want to be.

For more ideas you can start to look at our Choose your own path grid which has information on courses, subjects and jobs.

At secondary school

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No Small Change required in education

This week saw the report of the Scottish Parliament Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee inquiry into the gender pay gap. The report No Small Change: The economic potential of closing the pay gap makes 45 recommendations, to Scottish Government, its agencies, and employers, that aim to tackle women’s inequality at work.

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