Welcome to the pay gap - a short animation

Be What You Want is excited to share this short animation on the causes of the gender pay gap.

We know the gender pay gap goes far beyond the principle of equal pay for equal work, and include gender stereotyping, the undervaluation of women’s work, a lack of quality part-time and flexible work, exorbitant childcare costs, male-centric workplace cultures which feel exclusive to women, discrimination and more.

Gender stereotyping begins from birth, when a child is dressed in either a pink or a blue babygro, or given a doll or a truck to play with. Children and young people are exposed to gendered messaging throughout their lives, and this messaging shapes their ideas about who they are, narrows their aspirations, and limits their potential. Assumptions about girls’ and boys’, and young women’s and young men’s capabilities and preferences sees them make subject and future career choices which are heavily influenced by gender norms.

Close the Gap is calling on stakeholders from across the education and skills pipeline to take strategic, cohesive action to tackle gender stereotyping and gender segregation in subject choice, and to support children and young people to be what they want to be.

We hope this short film will help shed light on the causes of the pay gap, and encourage all stakeholders to take action. It’s up to all of us to close the gap.

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A Human on January 11 2023 at 09:35

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