Be what you wantBe what you wantBe what you wantBe what you wantBe what you wantBe what you want

Young people should be able to be whatever they want to be. Taking action to support young people to decide what they want to be will help tackle gender stereotyping, and occupational segregation, in school, in the world of work, and in Scotland.

Young people
Parents & carers
Young people

Tips for young people

Read about the characters in our comics and see how they decide.

Take a tour of Choose your own path to see what jobs and courses interest you.


Information for professionals

The Be What You Want campaign aims to help young people make informed decisions about what they want to do after they leave school. Our campaign materials include a resource for teachers which includes activities to support the aims of Curriculum for Excellence.

Parents & carers

Information for parents & carers

Parents and carers have a huge role in breaking down gender stereotypes and making sure that their children don’t feel pressured into decisions based on their gender.

Choose your own path is a resource to help young people research different courses and jobs.

Who we are

Be What You Want is a campaign to raise awareness of gender stereotyping and occupational segregation, in the context of subject and career choice, among children and young people.

The campaign aims to ensure that children and young people are not limited in their expectations and can make informed decisions about their future based on their passions, skills and talent, and not gender stereotypes. More about us »

Welcome to the pay gap

Comic strip stories

Find out how our six characters decided what they are going to do once they leave school.

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Real life case studies

Find out about the paths our professionals followed; what they studied and what advice they can give you.

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